Revelation Study

The book of Revelation is probably one of the most complex and misunderstood books in the Bible. There are likely as many varied interpretations of it as there are adorable animal videos on YouTube. And because of the style in which it was written, in apocalyptic imagery, it makes for very good television and movies. Should we take popular Christianity and Hollywood at its word without doing our own careful seeking? The most essential tool to use for understanding the Bible, believe it or not, is the Bible itself. When the reader stumbles across a complex passage, or in this case, a whole 22 chapters of it, he or she can examine how specific words or phrases were applied in its context within other passages of scripture to best understand its meaning. Join us in a unique study of this intriguing book as we employ the Bible to tear down walls of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. We will also dive deep into recorded history to see how much of what is written has already been fulfilled. We cannot promise you’ll walk away having a perfect understanding of this portion of God’s word; however, we are confident that you’ll absorb many nuggets of logical and undeniable truths that will bring a clarity you’ll appreciate.
Murray Murray Stewart (our resident Sammy Hagar doppelganger) will take the teacher’s role of unraveling the complexities and revealing the truths in this study. He has studied this book and the entire Bible in depth, along with Revelation’s numerous interpretations for over two decades. His style of presentation is one that can keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next valuable facet of scripture to be revealed. Each session builds up to the next, layer upon layer, so if at all possible, you won’t want to miss any of them. Insert pic of Murray near this paragraph

Free childcare will be provided within the church building during all sessions. Additionally, coffee, snacks, and other refreshments will be on hand to keep your mind awake. When we break for lunch on Saturday, between the two sessions, a complimentary meal will be served. Soup and/or chili will be available for the adults, and a kid friendly meal for the youngsters. Please RSVP, using the form below, so we can best plan for food and childcare.

Revelation Unraveled