Adult Bible Classes

Teaching God’s Word

Thoughtful. Dynamic. Life-changing. These are words often used to describe our Bible classes. We discuss the tough questions of faith, seeking to help each other on life’s spiritual journey. If you are looking to learn more about God, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Great Adult Bible Classes this Spring (March – May)

We have some great adult class offerings. We encourage everyone to make attending Bible Classes a priority for you and your family. Take a look at all the class offerings below and make plans to participate in both Sunday morning and Wednesday night Bible Class. God will bless you and you will be glad you did.

Sunday Morning

Evangelism: How Do We Become Contagious? 

We live in a very germophobic world. We have hand sanitizer stations in most public spaces & it’s not uncommon to see people wearing face masks on airplanes or walking in open streets in cities. Simply hearing the word, “Contagious,” makes many readers cringe and their minds quickly think of diseases that can ravage a person physically, mentally and emotionally leaving them outcast by society and avoided by many. Jesus had a heart for the contagious. He went to their homes. He had compassion for them.  It is ironic (rather God’s perfect plan) that He instructed the 11 who last saw Him to go be “Contagious” to Evangelize and spread the “Good News”. We will discuss God’s plan for us, some ways that we can become, “Contagious,” with spreading the word, and also review some resources that are available to help us share the word with people from different generations, ethnicities, or religions. We look forward to discussing this with all interested in participating in this open discussion class setting.

  Church History

This quarter’s class entitled, “Church History,” will be, as the name implies, a history class. We will show some scripture especially in the first class or two. We will look at what happened to the church from the day of Pentecost on through the first thousand years dealing with Rome and the Roman church. We will look at the “Reformation” period and the forming of some denominations in the second thousand years.
Finally, we will look at how the church managed through the settlement of the “New World” and how the “Restorations” period in the USA influenced what we now see as churches of Christ today. 

Women Mentoring Women:

Living Titus 2:3-5 (A Ladies Class) This will be an interactive and mentoring focused ladies class based around Titus 2:3-5. We will also be studying the relationship between Ruth and Naomi. This class is designed to help us grow and deepen the bond between women in the church. participation is a must in order to get the most benefit from the class. We will incorporate service projects and other group building activities so come prepared to get involved and stretch your boundaries!


Wednesday Evening

Did not one God create us?

The title of this class comes from Malachi 2:10.
Although the prophet was asking a rhetorical question, in our day and time it has ceased to be rhetorical. Instead, it is a hotly contested issue. Long term research by the Pew Foundation documents that the number of Americans who have jettisoned any affiliation with a religious group has nearly doubled over the last seven years to about 56 million adults. The top reason given for why they left was “science” and a “lack of evidence” for God and Christianity.
That claim alone should be reason enough to explore the evidence for divine creation. More, divine creation is a foundational teaching of the Bible, impacting our view of God, our place in the universe, the nature of the universe, and other core doctrines like salvation. We live in a society that increasingly and openly challenges the existence of God and the accuracy of the Bible. There is no need for us to hide from this challenge, for there are answers.